The other girls that I work with at London escorts like to come around to my boudoir every so often. Out of all the girls who work for our London escorts agency, I probably have the nicest boudoir. It has been mine for a while and I have a really good deal going with my landlord. I know that I am lucky so I always make sure that I look after my boudoir. It is tastefully furnished and has everything I need to make the time I spend with gents pleasurable. I would hate to give it.

Changing The Bedding

The other girls I work with at charlotte London escorts often remark that I change the bedding a lot. It is probably true. I do have a habit of changing the bedding a lot. Some girls I work with at London escorts think that I go over the top, but I do actually change my bedding every night. I know that it may seem excessive, but I want to make sure that my bed is lovely and clean in case someone would like to relax in it.

How To Look After Your Bedding

How do I look after my bedding? The first tip that I would like to give to other London escorts would be to buy quality bedding. Most London escorts probably pop down to IKEA and buy their bedding but I don’t. Instead I tend to spend a bit more on my bedding. It pays off in the long run and I think it saves money. I also make sure that I buy quality washing powder and the best fabric softener that I can afford. I think that it is important that your bedding should smell nice. Yes, I guess I wash the bedding every day.

Sensual Bedrooms

There are many other ways in which you can make the bedroom atmosphere better. I love to place scented candles in my bedroom. Once again, I don’t try to cut corners. I always buy the best candles. If you have not bought candles before, there are a couple of shops in Covent Garden that sell quality candles. Having candles around can help your clients to relax and that is really important when you try to run a high quality London escorts service.

Should you buy sexy bedroom furniture? I think it is a good idea. Since I have been with this London escorts agency, I have invested in wedges, cushions and pillows that can make my clients feel more comfortable when it comes down to it. If you work as an escort in London, I think it is important to put effort into your boudoir. Would you like to know more about how to create a sensual bedroom atmosphere? Why don’t you follow my blog or check out my sensual Pinterest account? I love to keep you up to date with all of the latest when it comes to bedding and bedroom decor.

When your bedroom is designed to be sexy then it is really essential to be hygienic.

Bedroom Cleaning
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